Karina is a teacher, tutor and mentor for students in curricular and non-curricular settings. She grew up in Wilton, Connecticut and graduated from Principia College in Elsah, IL in 2015 with a BA in educational studies and a minor in history.

Since 2012, Karina has been an academic tutor, helping students from 6th grade to college. She has worked with students from all different types of backgrounds, improving not only their comprehension and performance in math, English, and social studies, but teaching effective executive functioning skills and productive academic habits. Whether their low performance was due to learning challenges, international differences, or emotional needs, Karina believes that every student can be successful if they are given the right educational tools and emotional support.

She worked as a teaching apprentice at New Canaan Country School in New Canaan, Connecticut for two years, teaching 6th grade English, social studies, and math. She is familiar with and helped pilot the Lucy Calkins writing program from Teachers College- a cutting edge writing program that helps students become skilled readers, writers, and inquirers.

Today, Karina works at The Fessenden School in Newton, MA as a Learning Resources Tutor. At this all-boys private school, Karina is helping students from 5th-8th grade improve their math, writing, reading, and organizational skills.

Karina also loves sports and has been coaching school sports for several years. Coaching soccer and basketball from ages 5th-9th, she loves to be out on the court or field with players of all different skill levels. During her time at Principia, Karina was Captain of the Women’s Varsity Basketball team, Captain of the Club Lacrosse team, and Founder of the Principia Waterski team.

Fun fact? She is an avid waterskier and her favorite place to be is on a lake! She learned to waterski during her summers at Camp Newfound, an all girls sleep-away camp in Harrison, Maine, where she has spent 13 summers as a camper and staff member. The main photo on her website captures Newfound at a still, morning moment- a very peaceful and dear moment because of the serenity of the lake… and because the early morning means it’s time to ski!