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Karina has been tutoring since 2012, working with students in 6th grade all the way through the collegiate level. While she can support students at all ages, she specializes in middle school subjects, such as math, reading, and writing. Karina also finds that while content reinforcement is important, the major cause of many academic challenges is weak executive functioning skills.

Executive functioning skills are the cognitive processes that help students regulate their behavior, make decisions, and achieve goals. These skills include flexibility, planning & prioritizing, organization, goal directed persistence, emotional control, response inhibition, sustained attention, task initiation, time management, and working memory. For many students, the content they are learning isn’t necessarily too difficult, but they do not know how to complete assignments. Improving one’s executive functioning skills is basically improving their approach and process to completing school work.

Karina also believes that one of the most important pieces to resolving academic challenges is improving a student’s sense of self-efficacy. As adults, it is easy to know that all children learn in different ways. However, typically students who have struggled academically in school, especially if for several years, feel as though there is something “wrong” or “different” about them. If this feeling of “difference” is internalized, it can drastically limit a student’s academic progress, due to either embarrassment, shame, or self-doubt.

Through her one-on-one tutoring, Karina is incredibly intentional about increasing students’ sense of worth and self-efficacy. This emotional component to academic success is only targeted through strong relationships and consistent support. As she builds trust and friendship with her students, Karina purposefully targets any areas of self-doubt through conversation. Her goal is to replace those limiting and doubting beliefs with self-understanding, confidence, and academic strategies.

Shown above, Albert Einstein’s quote encapsulates Karina’s tutoring philosophy. She will believe in your child and help your child believe in his or herself.

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