Miss Olsen has been helping my twin, 7th grade boys since the beginning of the year. She usually sees them once a week especially when there are exams, difficult math concepts or big projects. I always feel relieved when she comes because I know the boys will be well prepared. She is extremely flexible and is always very organized and on top of the boys work. I have definitely seen an overall improvement in the boys work and test scores.

Parent – New Canaan Country School, CT

Miss Olsen helps me with all my subjects. She is really good at math and writing. She helps me organize my work and thoughts for big projects. She helps me prepare for my math quizzes. I always feel more confident when Miss Olsen helps me prepare for an exam.  She is really kind, nice and smart. She’s also very good at math.  She helps me organize all my papers and prepare for the upcoming week. She is also good at giving helpful test taking strategies. I really like working with her.

7th Grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT

Miss Olsen has been helping me since the beginning of the year. She helps me in all my subjects but especially math and vocabulary. She is great at getting me ready for tests and quizzes and helps me organize my work for big projects. She is really nice, easy going and smart. I really look forward to her weekly visits. I have definitely seen an improvement in my homework and test scores.

7th Grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina helped me with my writing and organization of paragraphs. She was always very patient and helped me break down my assignments. She is caring, kind, and encouraging. My favorite part about having her as a tutor is that she made sure I got my work done AND she got me to the point where I could do the work on my own.

8th Grade Student – Wooster School, CT

Ms. Olsen has been my tutor for a year and a half now. At first, I was worried about my math scores because they were low and I needed a tutor. But I figured out from Ms. O that you can turn bad scores into great scores. When we started, it took me a bit of time to understand how to get better at taking tests. But by the end of sixth grade, I was starting to get scores in the low to mid 80’s . Now, I’m a seventh graders and I have changed so much as a math student and I get high 80’s and 90’s on my tests. But another factor that Ms. O. helped me with is knowing that even though I sometimes get bad scores, knowing you understand it matters most. I know that whoever meets her next will meet the “simplifying gods” and the nice tutor that I know!

7th Grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina is the best thing that has happened to my middle school child.  She originally came into our home to tutor him while he was in the 6th grade.  Her incredible loving and encouraging approach coupled with organizational skills and teaching experience helped to give him the assurance he needed to tackle any assignment.  She saw his potential, talents, and abilities, which were hidden underneath his own self-doubt.  As she patiently worked with him, breaking down his large projects into manageable sections and completing writing assignments one paragraph at a time, he began to see his true capabilities.  She managed to peel away many limiting views that he had of himself and she built up his confidence on a deep and lasting level.  With Karina’s help, he began to understand that he really WAS capable of so much more than his teachers and peers recognized.  This new view of himself and his ability to see his strengths is  something that he will carry with him forever.

Parent – Wooster School, CT

Our son Ari has struggled with math, scoring poorly on class assignments and tests.  We felt he needed time to understand concepts and get help with his organizational skills. Ms. Olsen has helped tremendously in these areas and more. They have been working together for over a year now and his assignments and tests have improved, his homework is always completed, and math is no longer an issue.  His recent midterm was a big success and Ari would not be where he is in math without her.  When we have needed extra sessions or a change in schedule, Ms. Olsen has been very flexible.  And most importantly, Ari thinks she is the best!  If your child is struggling in math, it will be a huge benefit to give Ms. Olsen a try.

Parent – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina is one of the most focused tutors you can think of. She is always fun when it comes to learning and teaching and I can 100% say that she changed me and my school work. I had never had a tutor like Karina until 8th grade. From 1st to 7th grade, I was always flunking my classes. By the end of the 8th grade year, I had a great relationship with all of my teachers and I ended the year with 4 A’s and 2 B’s. I can proudly say that she is one of the most loyal and encouraging tutors you could have.

8th Grade Student – San Elijo Middle School, CA

Karina helped me with all of my school work in English, math, history and any other subjects that I was struggling with. Before we started tutoring together, I hated doing school work. But, as she started encouraging me to do my best, I began to enjoy school more and she really helped me improve my grades. I felt like she held me to the highest standard and pushed me to always be my best. She is loving, caring, and supportive.

10th Grade Student – San Marcos High School, CA

Miss Olsen is extremely helpful and knows how to explain things in a way that is very easy to understand.  She is very good at getting to know her students on a personal level, which makes a big difference when you are working with somebody one-on-one.  When there are projects or problems that I am really struggling with, she helps break them down step by step, so that they are more manageable.

7th grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT