Ms. Olsen has been my tutor for a year and a half now. At first, I was worried about my math scores because they were low and I needed a tutor. But I figured out from Ms. O that you can turn bad scores into great scores. When we started, it took me a bit of time to understand how to get better at taking tests. But by the end of sixth grade, I was starting to get scores in the low to mid 80’s . Now, I’m a seventh graders and I have changed so much as a math student and I get high 80’s and 90’s on my tests. But another factor that Ms. O. helped me with is knowing that even though I sometimes get bad scores, knowing you understand it matters most. I know that whoever meets her next will meet the “simplifying gods” and the nice tutor that I know!

7th Grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT