Miss Olsen helps me with my homework, mainly in math. She is very helpful and always does what’s just right for me! She helps me make a plan and makes sure we add in breaks to keep me focused so that I can do my best work. When we are working together, Miss Olsen helps me problem solve, strategize, and break down problems so that I can really understand them. I was very excited to have her as my private tutor after having her as a teacher for one year, because she impacted me so much. 

7th Grade Student – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina is a patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable tutor who has helped my daughter for the past two years. My daughter has slow processing issues as well as ADHD. Karina is consistently able to keep her engaged and my daughter very much looks forward to their time together each week. Always age appropriate and willing to meet my daughter where she is, Karina is enthusiastic and caring. My daughter’s self esteem is often waning because of her difficulties academically, but Karina always manages to get her working and enables her to feel good about herself and the work they complete. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Parent – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina was incredibly helpful to me whenever we worked together. She always helped me with my homework or anything that I needed for any of my classes. She was always nice and I enjoyed working with her a great deal.

8th Grade Student – Rippowam Middle School, CT

I highly recommend Karina Olsen as a tutor. She went above and beyond to help my son with all class work and subjects. Not only did she connect well with him to help him improve, but she also took the time to email his teachers and adapted to my son’s routine. She always met us promptly and on time, with a bubbly demeanor. I was very sad when I heard that she was no longer working with our tutoring program! 

Parent – Rippowam Middle School, CT

As a birth parent, foster parent and adoptive parent, I’ve had dozens of kids and many of them have required tutoring at one time or another. Of all the tutors I’ve hired over the past 25 years or so, Karina is my favorite and she created the best results. Karina tutored three of my kids when they were in 7th, 8th and 10th grade for about six months. She was loving and kind, with just the right amount of toughness to get the job done. One of the kids had flunked a whole year and was in the process of flunking another year when we hired Karina. He ended the year with a 3.5 GPA and qualified to enter an independent high school! The best part is that, even though each child is very different, all of their distinct needs were individually met in a way that worked for them. Karina is amazing, and the children still enjoy touching base with her, two years later, especially to report their academic and athletic progress in their new schools!

Parent – The Principia, IL

Karina has been a wonderful asset to my 7th grade son this year.  She is a patient, supportive,  encouraging teacher who is always ready to help with whichever topic he needs the most assistance.  She has not only taught him how to better organize his thoughts and structure his writing, but she has given him helpful strategies to more effectively manage his time and get the most out of his homework. Karina is also very flexible and accommodating with schedule changes when necessary. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Parent – New Canaan Country School, CT

Karina was a huge support to me when we met back in college. When I first started out, I wasn’t very focused about my grades or having the best test scores. When I met Karina, she not only helped turn my grades around, but helped me mature into who I am today. She has been a terrific role model for me. Her ability to teach and mentor with such a strong passion really sets her apart from any other tutor that I’ve had in the past. She goes above and beyond for being just a tutor and she is an amazing person.

College Student – The Principia, IL