Karina is the best thing that has happened to my middle school child.  She originally came into our home to tutor him while he was in the 6th grade.  Her incredible loving and encouraging approach coupled with organizational skills and teaching experience helped to give him the assurance he needed to tackle any assignment.  She saw his potential, talents, and abilities, which were hidden underneath his own self-doubt.  As she patiently worked with him, breaking down his large projects into manageable sections and completing writing assignments one paragraph at a time, he began to see his true capabilities.  She managed to peel away many limiting views that he had of himself and she built up his confidence on a deep and lasting level.  With Karina’s help, he began to understand that he really WAS capable of so much more than his teachers and peers recognized.  This new view of himself and his ability to see his strengths is  something that he will carry with him forever.

Parent – Wooster School, CT